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Actual rating may vary with options, driving circumstances and vehicle condition.
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Some data in this description may be supplied by the manufacturer or by a VIN decoding system, and may not accurately reflect the actual features and options of this vehicle. Check the pictures closely and ask your salesman to verify actual features and options. While every effort has been made to ensure the display of accurate information, Heafner Motors and Hallmark Ford are not responsible for typographical or computer generated errors in prices or vehicle descriptions. Our photos display our best effort to present the vehicle as accurately as possible.

Pre-owned automobiles equipped with OnStar, satellite radio, or other subscription based equipment or services are not delivered with these subscriptions. Manufacturer provided descriptions of this equipment on our website may list the subscription that was included with the automobile when it was new.
The payment calculator does not include taxes, fees, other available products,  or incentives and does not indicate an approved interest rate. All listings are subject to prior sale, and prices are subject to change without notice. 

Call Ronny Oswalt at (662) 934 9821 with any questions pertaining to inaccurate data.